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The Predators

Narrated by Robert Redford, this film explores the dramatic relationship between predator and prey. They are shown not as fearsome enemies of humans or of each other, but, rather, as vital parts of a balanced wilderness ecosystem doing what Nature intended - killing to eat. The story stresses the importance of preserving the Predators as an integral part of the beauty, mystery and diversity of life.


Our Favorite Animals

We dearly love pets. Dogs, Cats, Horses, Fishes and Birds. So it is not surprising that many of our favorite wild creatures closely resemble our favorite tame ones. The noble Wolf and its family lifestyle inspires and fascinates us at the same time; the sometimes stealthy but often humorous Bobcat never fails to entice us, and the aerial artistry of the lovely Scissor-tailed Flycatcher takes our breath away.


Great Escapes

In all of nature, the most exciting encounters are often those which erupt between a hungry predator and its intended prey. Each narrow escape showcases the savage beauty of our natural world. These action-packed events are not always won by the strong and fierce - often the small, quick and clever prevail. And these few split-seconds, seen here in slow-motion, are truly the Animal Olympics.


Dangerous Encounters

Observe awesome attacks on humans and see narrow escapes which will make you shudder. Witness dramatic confrontations with Bison, Alligator and Rattlesnake. Learn why the Jellyfish and Honeybee are far more dangerous to people than the Wolf, Killer Whale and Black Bear. Learn lifesaving tips which will provide the knowledge you need to safely coexist with wild beasts in our great outdoors.


Spectacular Showdowns

Although humans assume that wild creatures constantly duel to the death, the truth is that animals go to great lengths to avoid their rare fights. Watch spellbound as Bighorn smash, Elk clash and Bison brawl beneath talon-tied Eagles! Massive Moose to sleek Weasels, from Lynx to Badgers, Foxes and Otters, size is no object as all turn into fierce gladiators in this amazing spectacle of paws, jaws and claws.


Tender Times

Share this magical time in the lives of many different kinds of critters as we journey into the enchanting world of wild babies. Watch as Bear cubs roll and wrestle, Deer fawns dart and dodge, and Fox kits flip and flop. Laugh at their playful antics and cheer at their narrow escapes! Learn, along with them, how Nature’s school of survival works to prepare them for their lives to come.


Fantastic Follies

Catch the comical consequences of weird, wacky wildlife caught up in close calls and unbelievable incidents. Observe offbeat occurrences as we see tail-pulling, rolling, playing, sliding, scratching, romping, ransacking, species by the score. Travel to the backcountry of Montana with the Stouffer Brothers - Marty, Mark and Marshall - for their real-life adventures with Wolverines and wilderness.


Wacky Babies

A baby Moose dancing the Tango? A Grizzly cub performing water ballet? A trio of nutty Parrots singing barbershop harmony? You’ve never seen funnier footage! You’ll giggle as you watch them tumble, slip and slide. Then you’ll laugh out loud when you hear these little pranksters talk and tell jokes. But who are all these kooky kids? They’re Mother Nature’s weird and wacky babies.


Wild Wings

In all of nature, the most beautiful and majestic of our wildlife are the birds. From the Brown Pelican skimming inches above a stormy surf on its nine-foot span, to the tiny Hummingbird, its miniature wings a blur as it hovers at a blossom, Wild Wings lets us experience the joy of being alive and on the wing in a wonderful world filled with our colorful, energetic, fine-feathered friends.


Amazing Legends

Watch spellbound as mighty Grizzly and ferocious Cougar come to savage blows. Witness attacks on humans by deadly Whitetail Deer and dive-bombing Goshawk. Meet the blood-drinking Vampire Bat. See a Rattlesnake using deadly venom on its arch-enemy - the incredible Roadrunner. We explore both fact and fable, and we discover the truths behind the strong mythic images of these animal totems.


Deadly Beauty

A rolling thunder roars down a mountain as a massive blanket of snow obliterates everything in its path. Never before has the true fury and power of the mighty Avalanche been captured on film. Long-time cinematographer for “Wild America,” Steve Kroschel has literally risked his life to contrast the destructive chaos of the Avalanche with the geometric brilliance of the simple Snowflake.


Marty's World

Go behind the scenes as Marty talks about his parents, brothers, and the importance of his wife Diane and children, Hannah and Luke. Never-seen home video highlights this very personal biography. From his childhood in Arkansas, and his adventures in Alaska and Africa, to his current role as creator of Wild America - dot com, we journey with this complex personality, a man dedicated to wildlife.